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Makerere University Graduate Admissions 2011 and application forms

Click here to download the Application Form

The Academic Registrar of Makerere University invites applications for admission to Graduate Programmes (Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters and Doctoral degree Programmes) for the 2011/2012 Academic Year. Applicants should have obtained at least a first degree or its equivalent from a recognized and chartered university/institution.


All Graduate Programmes are PRIVATELY-SPONSORED. Therefore applicants seeking sponsorship should have their applications endorsed by their respective sponsors where applicable.  Applicants should note that the various fees payable to the University indicated for the various programmes EXCLUDE functional fees, accommodation, books, research and other expenses.



Ugandan Students
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
1 MSc. in Agricultural Extension & Education Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
2 MSc. in Crop Science Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
3 MSc. in Animal Science Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
4 MSc. in Agricultural Engineering Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
5 MSc. in Soil Science Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
6 MSc. in Agricultural Economics Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
7 Master of Agribusiness Management Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
8 MSc. in Food Science & Technology Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=
9 MSc in Agricultural & Applied Economics Shs.4,020,000/= Shs.7,272,000/=


MSc. in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems

Msc in Applied Human Nutrition





12 MSc. in Environment & Natural Resources Shs.3,637,500/= Shs.6,464,000/=



MSc. in Agroforestry

MSc. in Forestry

M.A. in Geography







College of Humanities and Social Sciences

16       PGD in Gender and Local Economic Development

17       PGD Counselling





18 M.A. in Human Rights Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
19 M.A. in African Languages Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
20 M.A. in Philosophy Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
21 M.A. in Languages(foreign) Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
22 M.A. in History Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
23 M.A. in Music Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
24 M.A. in Literature Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
25 M.A. in Religious Studies Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.5,605,500/=
26 M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=
27 M.A. in Religious and Theological Studies(Ggaba & Kinyamasika) Shs.2,400,000/= Shs.4,242,000/=


M.A. in Journalism and Communication

M.A. in Linguistics



Shs.4,242,000/=                                           Shs.4,242,000/=
30 M.A. in Gender Studies Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
31 M.A. in Public Administration & Management Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.8,484,000/=
32 M.A in Social Sector Planning & Management Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
33 M.A. in Sociology Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
34 M.A. in International Relations& Diplomatic Studies Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
35 M.A. in Rural Development Shs.4,500,000/= Shs.9,090,000/=
36 M.Ed. in Educational Psychology Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.6,060,000/=
37 Master of Organisational Psychology (Evening) Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
38 M.A. in Counselling Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
39 MSc. in Clinical Psychology Shs.3,150,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=

College of Computing and Information Sciences

40      PGD in Information Technology

41      PGD in Computer Science

42   PGD in Data Communication and Software Engineering

43      PGD in Information Systems









44 MSc. in Computer Science Shs.3,825,000/= Shs.6,767,000/=
45 Master of Information Technology Shs.3,825,000/= Shs.6,767,000/=


MSc. in Data Communications and Software Engineering

Msc. in Information Systems





48 MSc. in Information Science Shs.2,587,500/= Shs.5,050,000/=

College of Business and Management Sciences

49       PGD in Demography

50       PGD in Statistics





51 M.A. in Economic Policy and Planning


52 M.A. in Economic Policy Management (Day &Evening) Shs.3,750,000/= Shs.9,090,000/=
53 M.A in Economics Shs.3,075,000/= Shs.5,454,000/=


Master of Business Administration

M.A. in Gender Analysis in Economics (Day)





56 M.A. in Demography Shs.2,662,500/= Shs.6,060,000/=
57 Master of Statistics Shs.2,662,500/= Shs.6,060,000/=
58 M.A. in Population and Development Shs.2,662,500/= Shs.6,060,000/=
59 MSc. in Population and Reproductive Health Shs.2,662,500/= Shs.6,060,000/=
60 MSc. in Quantitative Economics



MSc in Population Studies

Shs.2,662,500/= Shs.6,060,000/=
College of Education and External Studies

62   PGD in Education

Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.4,747,000/=
63 M.Ed. in Science Education Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.4,747,000/=
64 M.Ed. in Social Sciences & Arts Education Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.4,747,000/=
65 M.Ed. in Language & Literature  Education Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.4,747,000/=
66 M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.4,747,000/=
67 M.Ed. in Educational Foundation Shs.2,673,750/= Shs.4,747,000/=
68 M.A. in Educational Policy and Planning

Shs.2, 673,750/=

69 Master of Adult and Community Education Shs. 3,150,000/= Shs.9,696,000/=
School of Law
70 Master of Laws Shs.3,075,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
Makerere University Business School
71 Master of Business Administration Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.4,456,120/=
72 MSc. in Accounting and Finance Shs.2,800,000/= Shs.3,595,600/=
73 MSc. in Marketing Shs.2,590,000/= Shs.3,595,600/=
74 Master of Human Resource Management Shs.2,520,000/= Shs.3,268,360/=
75 MSc. in Procurement & Supply Chain Management Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.4,456,120/=
76 M.Sc. in Leadership and Governance Shs.2,800,000/= Shs.3,595,600/=
77 M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship Shs.2,800,000/= Shs.3,595,600/=
78 M.A. in Economic Policy Management Shs.2,875,000/= Shs.4,068,280/=
79 M. in International Business Shs.2,875,000/= Shs.4,068,280/=
80 M. in Hospitality and Tourism Management Shs.2,875,000/= Shs.4,068,280/=
81 Master of Business Administration (Modular) Shs.4,200,000/= Shs.5,304,520/=
82 MSc. in Banking & Investment Management Shs.2,875,000/= Shs.4,068,280/=
College of Health Sciences
83 M. Med:         Internal Medicine Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
84 M.Med           Family Medicine Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
85 M.Med           Microbiology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
86 M.Med           Ophthalmology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
87 M.Med           Paediatrics and Child Health Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
88 M.Med           Pathology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
89 M.Med           Psychiatry Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
90 M.Med           Radiology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
91 M.Med           Ear, Nose  &Throat Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
92 M.Med           General Surgery Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
93 M.Med           Obstetrics & Gynaecology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
94 M.Med          Anaesthesia Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
95 M.Med          Orthopaedic Surgery Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
96 Msc in Medical Illustration Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
97 MSc in Human Anatomy Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
98 MSc in Pharmacology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
99 MSc in Physiology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
100 MSc in Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
101 Master of Dentistry (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) Shs.5,000,000/= Shs.10,100,000/=
102 Master of Public Health (Full Time) Shs.4,500,000/= Shs.10,100,000/=
103 Master of Public Health (Distance) Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.10,100,000/=
104 Master of Health Services Research Shs.5,000,000/= Shs.10,100,000/=
105 Master of Public Health Nutrition Shs.4,500,000/= Shs.15,150,000/=
College of Natural Sciences
106 MSc. in Mathematics Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
107 MSc. in Physics Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
108 MSc. in Chemistry Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
109 MSc. in Botany Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
110 MSc. in Zoology Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
111 MSc. in Geology Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
112 MSc. in Mathematical Modelling Shs.3,525,000/= Shs.6,262,000/=
113 M.Sc. in Biochemistry Shs.5,000,000/= Shs.10,100,000/=
College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology

114     PGD in Construction Project Management

Shs. 3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
115 M. of Engineering – Civil (Evening) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
116 M. of Engineering – Mechanical(Evening) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
117 M. of Engineering – Electrical (Evening) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
118 MSc. in Civil Engineering(Day) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
119 MSc. in Electrical Engineering(Day) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
120 MSc. Mechanical Engineering (Day) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=
121 M. of Architecture (Day) Shs.3,787,500/= Shs.6,666,000/=


MSc. in Renewable Energy (Day)

M.A. in Fine Art





School of Veterinary Medicine

124    PGD in Livestock Development Planning & Management

Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
125 M. of Vet. Medicine (Food Animal Health & Production) Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
126 MSc. in  Molecular Biology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.10,100,000/=
127 MSc. in Vet Pathology Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
128 M. of Veterinary Preventive Medicine Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
129 M. of Wildlife Health and Management Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.10,100,000/=
130 MSc in Livestock Development Planning and Management Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.7,332,600/=
131 Master of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences and Management Shs.4,162,500/= Shs.10,100,000/=



Master of Wildlife Tourism & Recreation Management

Master of Science Natural Products Technology and Value Chain Management

Master of Science in Animal Product Processing, Entrepreneurship and Safety







135 Ph.D in Information Systems Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
136 Ph.D in Computer Science Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
137 Ph.D in Software Engineering Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
138 Ph.D in Information Technology Shs.3,000,000/= Shs.6,060,000/=
139 Ph.D in Information Science Shs.5,000,000/= Shs.8,080,000/=
140 Ph.D in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology. Shs.5,000,000/= Shs. 10,338,360/=


Diplomas                                                         -           One academic year

Masters degrees (full time)                             -           Two academic years

Masters degrees (part time)                             -           Three – four academic years

Masters of Medicine                                       -           Three academic years

Master of Public Health (Day)                        -           Three academic years

Master of Public Health (Distance)                -           Three to six academic years

PhD (Provisional Admission)                         -           One academic year Maximum

Ph.D/MD/LLD (full time)                              -           Three academic years

Ph.D/MD/LLD (part time)                                -           Five academic years.

Application Procedure

  1. Hard copies of application forms are obtainable from the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, 3rd Floor, Senate Building, Room 307 after payment of an application fee of Ug.shs 50,000/= (Ugandan applicants) or Ug. Shs. 151,500(International Applicants) to any Stanbic Bank Branch and DFCU Bank in favour of the Makerere University Council.  International applicants should pay by bank draft as cheques will not be honoured. Bank pay-in-slips are obtainable from the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, Room 307.
  1. The Account Name is Makerere University Fees Collection Account numbers: 0140018690001 for Stanbic Bank and01013500181512 for DFCU Bank.
  1. Application forms can also be down loaded from our Website:


4.   Completed application forms should be returned to the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, Room 307 and must be accompanied by relevant supporting certified copies of certificates, and academic transcripts, and the letters of referees.  Please strictly observe the closing date of 31st March, 2011.

5. All Applicants for Master of Laws (LLM) will do a Graduate Admission Test (GAT) consisting of an oral Interview and written test. The fee is Ug.shs. 100,000/= (One hundred thousand shillings). The GAT will be held on 18th June, 2011.

6.   For detailed information about the Programmes, content and regulations can be obtained from the University Website or contact the Principals of the respective Colleges and Schools.

Alfred Masikye Namoah


Click here to download the Application Form

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23 Responses to Makerere University Graduate Admissions 2011 and application forms

  1. Dr. Joseph Edwin Kanu Reply

    August 18, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    I am a young Sierra Leonean Medical Doctor who wants to study MMed(Internal Medicine) @Makerere University, Uganda. I’m looking forward to how i can access the application form on line to apply for 2012 Academic year. Please help in directing me how and when to apply and the website.

  2. Degefu Kebede Bayecha Reply

    September 4, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Dir Sir/Madam

    My name is Degefu KebedeBayecha from Haramaya University Ethiopia, I appilied at Makerere University for Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics for the year 2011 and I already got Admission for the year 2011.
    1. I appilied for Agricultural Economics program but I got Admission for
    Environment and Natural Resource program. Hence is there any
    opportunity to change the admission to the program that I requested since I
    may be restricted to the mentioned program by my Sponsoring
    Organization ?
    2. Yet I couldn’t received the Admission Letter,incase if not sent to my address
    how can I get that to appiliy for the sponsering Organization?

    Many Thanks for Your Valuable Cooperation.

  3. Habtamu Worku Reply

    September 28, 2011 at 8:41 am

    my name is Habtamu Worku from Mekelle University, Ethiopia who wants to study Environment & Natural Resources @ Makerere university, Uganda. i’m looking forward to how i can access the application form online to apply for admission for 2012 Academic year. please tell me how and when to apply.

  4. muttama wanamusole abraham Reply

    November 6, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Am a kenyan who is a teacher of a high school in kenya i would wish to study my masters in education in makerere and i want it to be school based but i do not know the months that you holidays
    your muttama abraham

  5. Mesfin Reply

    December 14, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    My name is Mesfin from Ethiopia, I want to apply for Agricultural and Applied Econmics.
    Please could you assist me how to proceed?
    Thank you for your help and consideration in advance.
    With Kind Regards,

  6. kapil Reply

    December 17, 2011 at 8:54 am

    I am kapil. I have completed M. Pharmacy in Pharmacology. I want to pursue Phd in Same field. From Uganda. Can anyone help me in this.

  7. Abdurahman Reply

    January 23, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    I am a Somali student living in Khartoum, Sudan. i graduated for the faculty of Agriculture. I want to know when the admission will open, and what is the requirements. Thank u.

    • PIOL MACHAR Reply

      August 2, 2012 at 12:42 pm

      Iam A south sudanese by nationality interested to know when will the admissions for acedemic year 2012/2012 wil be out for new students who need to pursue their studies.your earlier information will prepare me better for tha acedemic year 2012/2012
      send me application form through the email felt above
      your response is my concern.

    • PIOL MACHAR Reply

      August 2, 2012 at 12:49 pm

      Iam a south sudanese who is interested to know the admissions year for 2012/2013 in the makere university.your best information would let me prepare better for my acedemic studies.
      the information needed will be when will the start they new intakes(dates,months)more needed here.
      your respond will be my concerns awaited through email above.

  8. Jolly Reply

    February 1, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    I am a Ugandan that applied for Masters in economic policy and planning but got transferred upcountry(west nile) in March 2011 before getting my admission letter. I work 6 days a week and when I got a free working day never found faculty registrar in early October. I’m however back to Kampala and assured of staying in the city as long as I still work for this company and wish to renew my bid but fearful of being turned down. does light still shine on my dream of embarking on the same post graduate course this coming (2012/2013) academic year as I can only settle for this course and only at MUK?

  9. JELA DORAH Reply

    February 2, 2012 at 5:16 pm


  10. Nuwagaba Adrine Reply

    February 2, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    hullo, I have a Bachelors degree in Quantitative Economics and would like to apply for Masters in Agricultural and applied economics and would like to know if this course will be taught in the evening or weekend Programme and is all the tiution payable at once or can pe paid yearly? thank u

  11. True story of a daring Israeli commando assault on the Entebbe Airport in Uganda to free hostages of.

  12. oluwateru adewole olanrewaju Reply

    March 22, 2012 at 12:36 am

    i have been trying to download master’s form on line but it has been difficult in getting it.please how can i get it downloaded against next academic session.am a nigerian that is interested in studying in your country.kindly furnish me with neccessary information.


    best regards.

  13. duku jose Reply

    April 2, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Hello, i would like to join MUK and do BBA but am not yet sure whether the application forms are out for the academic year 2012/13

  14. desaleegn regasa Reply

    April 5, 2012 at 11:03 am

    i neede details information!

  15. patient group direction Reply

    April 17, 2012 at 11:14 am

    You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t? ¯t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  16. Egbeyemi Oluwafemi Olumide Reply

    July 4, 2012 at 4:59 am

    I am a Nigerian. I have been trying to get in touch with the institution. I need to get my Master done online in Medical Radiography. Please, guide. Thank you!

  17. NJM Reply

    July 10, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    May I know when your admission list for 2012/2013 graduate programmes will be out.thank you!

  18. Jose Reply

    July 26, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    where is the admission list for graduates 2012/13

  19. Ruth Muwendo Reply

    August 9, 2012 at 7:48 am

    Dear sir or madam, iam interested in clinical medicine. would you please inform me of the tuation and duration of the course.

  20. Sindayigaya Musa Reply

    September 7, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    Iam Rwandese by Nationality, I’m holding a Master Degree in Public Administartion and Management obatained from Kabale University in 2011,my concerns here are:
    1. Does Makerere University offer Phd in MAPAM?
    2. If yes what are the requirement to get admitted and how much does the tuition fees cost for the whole program ?
    3. Concerning the tuition fees required, is the Rwandan student considered as an International Student after establishing East Africa Community?
    4. How many years does the Phd take?
    Thank you for the clarifications!

  21. Maina Duncan Komo Reply

    December 25, 2012 at 11:55 am

    I am a Kenyan who sat for the Kenya national examination for secondary education 2012 whose results are due to come out in April 2013.Please help me understand the following:
    1.Is it possible for one to join the university in April
    2.qualifications for a kenyan student to take a degree in accounting
    3.how long does the degree take
    4.the fee structure per semester.
    Thank you.

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