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Eating ‘molokony’ replaces red blood cells

  To many people, eating molokony (cattle hooves) is behaving so low. In fact, some people perceive eating molokony as poor feeding. But on the contrary, nutrients recommend eating molokony…

Are you preparing your ground nuts the healthy way?

  Many people (especially in Africa and Asia) consume groundnuts in many forms. Some eat them raw, steamed or roasted while others crush them and make sauce. So as to…

Chickenpox kills 178 people in Uganda

  Shingles (read herpes zoster): It is a painful condition caused by herpes zoster, the same virus that causes chickenpox. Once you had a chickenpox (and many adults have had…

Police discovers bad black’s accounts in Stanbic Bank and Centenary bank

  Police has discovered secret bank accounts owned by former socialite Bad Black’ in centenary bank and stanbic bank respectively. The police investigators have also discovered another bank account owned…

Treatment of snake bites

  When a snake bites someone, the possible first aids are many. In Buganda (Uganda), people chew tobacco and spit the nicotine at the site of the snake bite. Some…

First aid for snake bites

  Thousands of people in Africa annually die as a result of snake bites. But when the snake bites, you need to keep calm and stop movements. Keeping the affected…

Hunger outbreak: People in Luweero district survive on jack fruits

  A few years back people in Teso sub district and Kayunga were feeding on mangoes and jack fruits to survive, but as you read this, people in Luwero, Nakasongola…

Cancer infections in Uganda increases by 70%

  There is about 70% cancer disease increase in resent years in the republic of Uganda especially among children according to statistics available in the ministry of health. The increment…

What medications are available to treat influenza infections in humans?

  Antiviral medicines like tamiflu, and other supportive treatment that can effectively treat the illness are available in the ministry of health in the case of Uganda. You also need…

Why thousands of people die every year from seasonal influenza epidemics?, How do I prevent the spread of influenza A (H1N1)?

    Seasonal influenza epidemics occur every year in many countries including America, England, South Africa and Austria. Countries are able to treat flu with vaccines and our bodies can…

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