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Dangers associated with drinking fermented bushera, and bongo

Bongo and fermented bushera (millet porridge) is so delicious. Bongo and millet porridge are such delicious test in eastern andWestern Uganda.

They are made by fermentation. Adding to them that much treasured bitter flavour, fermentation enhances the foods nutritive valves and it also trace elements required by the body.

These are iron, better mineral availability, and consuming it improves the digestive system because complex nutrients are broken down.

Fermented foods can also cure diarrhea and destroys the dangerous chemicals by degrading them into other compounds.

However the problem comes from poor hygiene such as using dirty containers to serve it. Dangerous bacterial are introduced to it, causing diarrhea. So its advisable to boil the contents before consumption in order to destroy the harmful bacteria or one is likely to suffer from stomach upset.


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