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Why men want sex and women need love — USD 5.00

why men want sexx and women need love_photoWhat is the truth about sex and love for men and women? It has been said that men and women are different when it comes to love and sex. International bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease explore what men and women want from a sexual relationship and give humourous and practical advice.

This book presents  illuminating science on the biology of love, why lovers are so crazy about each other, why men and women view sex differently and why wealthy men give women more orgasms. But that only happens well if you know how to find the right partner, how to improve chemist between you two as well as how to handle issues in your relationship-including cheating.

The book gives practical solutions on how to go about these and more. read the chapters below and see why this book has been acclaimed by many as the perfect guide towards having a good fulfilling sexual and love relationship.



1. Sex on the Brain

Same Goals, Different Agendas

The Power of Love

The Biology of Love Love At First Sight

Darwin Made Me Do

It Let’s Stick Together W

hy Lovers Are So Crazy About Each Other

I Get a Shiver Down

My Backbone I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Eat

What Brain Scans Reveal

Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted to Love

The Geography of Sex and Love in the Brain

Why Men and Women See Love Differently

How Men’s Brains Rate Attractiveness in Women

How Women’s Brains Rate Attractiveness in Men

Why Lust Doesn’t Last

What Happens When You Get Dumped



2. Straight Talk on Sex and Love

How Times Have Changed

How Humans Are Now Studied

Why Being Loved and Being in Love Are So Important

The Seven Types of Love

Our Love Maps

How Hollywood and the Media Color Our View

Why the Twenty-First Century Is Harder for Men



3. What Women Really Want

The Changing Needs of Women

Mamma Told Me, “Shop Around”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Truth About What Women Want

Wealthy Men Give Women More Orgasms

The Top Five Things Women Want from Men

Commitment—Why a Man Should Give a Woman an Impressive Ring

The Last Ten Things a Woman Would Ever Say

Seven Simple Things Women Find Attractive In Men

Why No Woman Wants a Loser

Women Will Always Want Resources



4. What Men Really Want

How the Media Shape Men’s Views

What Men Really Want

What a Man Will Do for Sex

Men Don’t Think About Relationships

Decoding Manspeak M

en Seek Reproductive Value

Getting to the Point What the Personal Columns Reveal

Why Attractiveness Has Become So Important

What “Attractive” Means

Take a Leaf from the Amazons

What Men Look for in Beauty O

ur Universal Beauty Contest

Our Reaction to Attractive Faces Is Inborn

What Turns Men On—the 70% Hips-to-Waist Ratio

What Turns Men Off About Women

Physical Choices for Gay Men and Women

How Governments Have Become the New Husband



5. Wanted: Meaningful Overnight Relationship—Casual Sex

What Is Casual Sex?

A Definition of “Sexual Relationship”

Why We Have Casual Sex

How We Feel After Casual Sex

How Dads Influence Their Kids’ Attitudes

How Many Partners Do You Want? ‘

Sexual Fantasies and Casual Sex

How Gay Men and Women Look at Things



6. Your Place or Mine? Affairs and Cheating

What Is an Affair?

Your Cheating Heart

Why Affairs Happen

It Can Happen at Any Level W

hy Women Play Around Less Than Men

Six Common Myths About Cheating

The Nine Different Types of Affairs

Why the “Perfect Affair” Is a Fantasy

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Eight Classic Signs of a Cheater

How to Handle a Cheater

Getting Things Right A Guide to Recovery After an Affair

Four Vital Strategies to Avoid Becoming a Cheater Yourself



7. How to Find the Right Partner(s)—the Mating Rating Quiz

How Most Relationships Start Matching with the Right Partner

Core Values and Beliefs

The Five Most Common “New-Relationship” Mistakes

The Mating Rating The Mating Rating

Quiz—How Do You Measure Up In the Marketplace?

How to Find a Great Partner

How to Change Your Love Life Forever

How to Play the Numbers Game with Your List

Who You Should Avoid Clues About Mr./Ms. Wrong W

hen the Chemistry Is Wrong

The 9% Rule



8. Fifteen Mysteries About Men That Women Don’t Understand

1. Why Men Wake Up in the Morning with an Erection

2. Why Sex Can Be Just Sex for Men

3. The Nothing Room

4. Why Men Are Obsessed with Women’s Breasts

5. Why Men Won’t Tell the Truth to Women About Sex

6. Why Men Love Curvy Women

7. Why the G-Spot Is Like a UFO

8. Why It’s So Important to Men for Women to Initiate Sex

9. Why Men Get It So Wrong in Nightclubs

10. When Is a Man Ready for Commitment or Marriage?

11. Why Mature Men Wear Speedos in Public or Proudly Display a Potbelly

12. Men and Their Fetishes

13. What Men Worry About

14. Why Men Have Difficulty Saying ‘I Love You’

15. The Top Five Questions That Frighten Most Men


9. Twelve Truths About Women Most Men Don’t Know

1. What Women Want from Sex

2. Why Women So Rarely Initiate Sex

3. How to Make Women Want Sex More Often

4. Why Women Have Orgasms

5. Why Smart Women Are Often Fools in Love

6. Why Women Prefer Older Men

7. Why Women Want to Be Touched

8. Why Women Seem Distracted During Sex

9. How Women Perceive Sexual Aggression

10. How Women View Sexual Harassment

11. Why Women Fantasize About Bad, Bad Men

12. Why So Many Women Prefer Chocolate to Sex



10. Thirteen Tactics That Can Improve Your Mating Rating

Eight Things Men Can Do to Improve Their Rating with Women

How Men Criticize the Competition

Five Things Women Can Do to Increase Their Mating Rating

How Women Criticize the Competition


11. A Happier Future Together?

Married People Are Now the Minority

Are Today’s Youth More Informed?

Why New Love Always Seems So Promising

We Are Definitely Different Do Opposites Really Attract?

The World’s Worst Lovers

How Women In Other Countries View Sex

Who Is Missing Out?

Put Your Finger on Your Sex Drive and Success

The Science of Future Love

Sniffing Out a Good Partner

Ten Reasons Why Sex Is Good Medicine

How So Many Were Fooled

Who Gets Who?

Why Evolution Is Probably Over

When to Discuss Problems



About The File:

Publisher/Year | Orion Books Limited, 2010 File Format | PDF File Size | 3.2MB Pages | 198 Categories | Good Sex, Relationships, Education Price|$5.00

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