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Creative parenting Course by Family Life Network Uganda

For Parents, Up-coming Parents, Child workers, Teachers or Guardians

Do the following questions and issues pose a challenge to you?

•   How can I speak and my children listen?

•   How do I control my temper and deal with my past baggage?

•   When and how should we talk to our children about sexuality/sex issues?

•   How can I show love to my children when I was not shown love myself?

•   My teenager won’t listen to me; I suspect he is on drugs, what should I do?

•   My family is breaking down what do I do?

•   How can I bring up my child the best way in the middle of today’s


•   How can I balance work and parenting?

The Creative Parenting Course [CPC] organized by Uganda National

Parents Network [UNPN], a program of Family Life Network, aims at

providing real answers to these and other questions that haunt parents

today. The CPC is designed to equip the participants with appropriate

parenting skills and guidelines on how to succeed in parenting in the

middle of today’s overwhelming challenges. It also provides up to date

information on best practices that will not only enhance parenting

practices, but will help them discover who they are, equip them to

deal with their “baggage from the past” and make them better all round

people in general.

Key topics handled in this course include:-

Value of Family Relationships, Self discovery, Overcoming Mindsets,

Parenting and Sexuality, Parenting and globalization, Social

Responsibility of a Parent, Parenting Babies in the womb, Parenting

Birth-Twelve Years, Parenting Teenagers, Alcohol, Drugs & Substance

Abuse, Step & Foster parenting, Parenting dialogue

Training Methods    Short lectures, discussions and real life parenting


Dates   2nd,9th,16th,23rd,30th August, 6th,13th,20th,27th Sept, 4th,11th,18th


Time    5:15pm-7:30pm

Venue   Hotel Triangle Zebra Hall, on Buganda rd

Reservations    Call 0414 268981/ 0784 369637/ 0712-492156

Certificate Will be given to successful participants in a passing out ceremony

Course Fee  Ushs. 130,000/=

Organized by    Organized by Uganda National Parents’ Network (UNPN)

A program of Family Life Network, Box 28614, Kampala

Tel: 0414 268981/ 0312 100062


What parents who have taken the

Creative Parenting Course say…

1.  Creative Parenting Course has been an eye opener for me. It is just

what I needed at the time. With a busy schedule, I was a very

impatient parent which was certainly affecting my children. I have now

realized that whatever the case, my family comes first and I have

chosen not to be intimidated by the busy schedule and deadlines. For

the first time I looked forward to a Monday, expecting to learn

something new in the Parenting class. (Mother & Accountant)

2.  The parenting course has improved my attitude and approach as a

parent. I used to be very tough when it comes to discipline and

academics and my son being a candidate had performed poorly in first

term, he got below average. So I quarreled and said a lot out of

frustration I told him to make sure he gets above average next term.

Then I joined the parenting class in June so this term when he got the

report he had worked just to get average and silence me so when he

came he simply gave me the report. But I didn’t complain I instead

appreciated and encouraged him, started waking him up to read and

right now our relationship has improved he has become so cooperative

and positive about life. (Mother & Teacher)

3.  The Parenting course has made me realize that parenting is an

authentic ministry to be taken seriously. It is very rewarding when

godly citizens come out of responsible parenting (Mother & medical


4.  I have learnt how to deal with so many issues especially family and

relationships. It has trained me how to relate better with my wife and

children to bring them up as responsible people in the society.


5.  The Parenting course is a course that every parent needs to go

though. Very rich skills passed on and up to date information. It was

assuring for me as parent of university students. I have been able to

let go of my children in areas where I realized I have done my best.


6.  The Creative Parenting Course has exposed the wrong things I have

done as a parent and I feel challenged particularly as my children are

grown. It has been an eye opener. (Mother)

7.  The Parenting Course has helped me greatly in my family

relationships with spouse, children and relatives. It has opened both

my physical and spiritual eyes. (Father)

8.  As a result of the Parenting Course am now keenly aware of why our

son is behaving the way he is and am able to respond to him

appropriately by being close to him and attending to his needs.


Your life, marriage and family will never be the same again after CPC

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