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First ladies petition United Nation to pass resolution against Female Genital Mutilation

The first ladies from the 42 countries around the world have signed a petition calling on the United Nation General Assembly to adopt a resolution to ban Female Genital Mutilation worldwide.

The first ladies of Uganda, Burkinafaso, Benin, Italy, and other political leaders from Uganda including Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, Kikizi East member of parliament Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, and Dorah Byamukama, Uganda’s representative in the East African Legislative Assembly were some of those who signed the petition.

female genital mutilation (photo-robert skinner)

The appeal was launched by the international non government organisational No Peace without Justice, the inter African committee on tradition practices affecting the health of women and children and the European network for prevention and eradication of harmful traditional practices.

The declaration calls upon the united nation general assembly to ban female genital mutilation worldwide and setup universal condemnation of this act of human rights violation.

The organisations are citing concerns that the continued practice of FGM or female circumcision endangers many girls and women across the world.

The appeal indicates the UN resolution would contribute greatly to the global change in the perception of female genital mutilation as a clear human rights violation against million women around the world.

Uganda this passed a law banning Female genital mutilation and the constitutional court of Uganda also ruled that the practice of FGM is unconstitutional since it abuses rights of women and girls.

By Mugisa Isaac Mathias

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One Response to First ladies petition United Nation to pass resolution against Female Genital Mutilation

  1. alex parker Reply

    August 9, 2012 at 9:51 am

    END IT! male circumcision leaves the penis intact, but women are mutilated!

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