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How to avoid intestinal obstruction and causes of intestinal obstruction


Intestinal obstruction regularly comes with a lot of pain and it may make some people to take more than five days without passing stool.

The doctors and researchers tell us that intestinal obstruction also comes with stomach distention. This is where the human stomach swells. Some people suffering from Intestinal obstruction may vomit because the food they eat is not digested.

Eating hard foods without escorting it with a lot of fluid is one of the major causes of intestinal obstruction. So it’s advised to avoid eating hard foods like rice, cassava, posho and millet. The people who are found of eating hard foods are advised not to do it so repeatedly.

The best foods and drinks for people suffering from intestinal obstruction are juices, water, fruits, sweet bananas, mangoes, water melon, oranges and pumpkins. Surgery is usually done on people suffering from intestinal obstruction. Intestinal obstruction is the partial blockage of the bowel resulting into failure of intestinal content to pass through.


Intestinal obstruction can also be caused by mechanical conditions, bacterial infections, food poisoning, drug abuse like taking marijuana, which corrupt the stomach, peptic ulcers, eating over starving your self and eating when you are very hungry.


When the stomach gets food after over starving for a long time, the food stays in the stomach because the stomach can not digest it immediately leading to gastric erosion hence gastric ulcers.

Walakira Nyanzi

Health news writer

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