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34 Ugandans killed by rosacea

ROSACEA is an inflammatory skin disorder in which the nose, the cheeks, the fore head and or the chin are chronically reddened and prone to breaking out in acne-like welts.

It is caused by repeated exposure to rosacea triggers such as alcohol, wind, sun, and low levels of stomach acids.

Constipation, a diet that is high in fat and low in fibre, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies especially of B vitamins, dysbiosis (imbalance of the gut bacteria), hormone imbalance, reaction to synthetic hormones.

The recommended food for Rosacea: Eat lots of raw foods. In their natural state, vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts and seeds all possess enzymes that help you convert food into the nutrients that are needed for the skin and circulatory health.

Drink several glasses of fresh vegetable juices a day, make sure that your diet includes plenty of fibre, essential fatty acids, reduce inflammation, a defienciency in vitamin B has been found in many people with rosacea. Brown rice, oats, wheat germ, whole grains bread and crackers are all good sources.

The symptoms of Rosacea are redness across the nose, the cheeks, the fore head or the chin. Some doctors at MulagoHospital told us that rosacea/ related diseases kill over 34 Ugandans in a week.



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